on completing your Life or Spiritual Coach Certification!

I remember when I completed my Life Coach Training Certification
I had learned so many awesome skills and processes and I was so excited to get started coaching!

But then…

  • I started to feel overwhelmed.
  • I did not feel confident enough to move forward.
  • I started thinking about starting my business and all the steps needed to move forward with that.

I wished there had been someone to help me pull it all together!

Someone who could…

  • Help me transition from student to coach
  • Help me perfect my coaching skills
  • Offer support and guide me through the next steps.

If you are feeling this way now that your Training is complete, I would love to support you.

It is my passion to help you make sense of all that you have learned and to support you as you become the Coach that you are meant to be!

That is why I have developed STUDENT SUPPORT PROGRAMS designed to...

  • Coach Supervision to help you develop as a Professional Coach

  • Mentor Coaching to support you in achieving and demonstrating levels of coaching competency (credentials)

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Bonnie is available to do workshops and Public Speaking as well.

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Life Coaching for Women

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"Bonnie is an incredible trainer! With compassion and skill, she leads aspiring coaches to their life's purpose. My training with Bonnie was empowering and it has truly launched my career. I am forever grateful for her guidance and support in my life coach training."

Kim Perone, CLC  Inspired Life Coaching