ZZ-Meet Bonnie

Bonnie Weiss is the founder of Pathways for Life and an ICF Certified Life and Spiritual Coach.

Over the years, she has been training and certifying Life Coaches and Spiritual Coaches from around the world.

Her passion is helping students become successful and prosperous coaches.

Through her compassion for others, wisdom and experience.  Bonnie will guide you and support you as you develop coaching presence and skills.

Bonnie's clients have called her insightful, Christ Centered and intuitive. She has been a featured speaker at various Women’s Conferences and Community Groups.

When she’s not coaching or speaking, you can find her indulging in gardening, reading and playing with her Ragdoll cats. Bonnie has a great love for God and family and these values are ever present in her teaching and mentoring.

Meet Bonnie and get ready to become the best Coach that you can be!

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Bonnie is available to do workshops and Public Speaking as well.

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". . . Bonnie empowers  all of us to take risk by practicing the principals she has taught us. The greatest gift that Bonnie has given us is she acknowledges and celebrates each little success we accomplish. The scripture that I think of when I think of Bonnie is this: 'The Lord has done great things for us we are glad.' Thank you God for Bonnie as our leader she has made our hearts glad." —Maureen Crandle, Certified Christian Coach

"Bonnie is an incredible trainer! With compassion and skill, she leads aspiring coaches to their life's purpose. My training with Bonnie was empowering and it has truly launched my career. I am forever grateful for her guidance and support in my life coach training."

Kim Perone, CLC  Inspired Life Coaching