Mentor Coaching

Are you pursuing the International Coach Federation (ICF)
Associate Coach Certification (ACC)?

If yes, congratulations on your decision
to pursue this credential and be part of a well-respected group that has chosen to regulate itself and provide accountability to clients and the coaching profession as a whole.


I would love to help you achieve this new level of accomplishment!

According to the ICF:  Mentor Coaching “Provides professional services to develop the required coaching skills for an ICF Credential. This consists of coaching and feedback in a collaborative, appreciative and dialogued process based on observation of live or recorded coaching sessions, to increase the coach’s capability and consistent application of ICF Core Competencies in their coaching practice.”  Click here for ICF credential requirements.

Mentor Coaching Program

Meeting the ICF requirement of 10 mentor coaching hours, this program will be taught as a 7-week online class that meets weekly for a 2-hour session.

The cost of the program is $650 and includes:

  • Seven online group sessions
  • Three individual mentor coaching sessions

It would be an honor to guide through this process of developing your coaching competence and confidence!


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